Our Packages

Our range of business website design packages are targeted toward both established businesses and start up concerns. If you have a budding company and wish to establish an online presence, then do so without delay.

One of the more important factors in SEO for any site is that of it’s “date established”. This basically means that a website registered in 2006 would have a significantly higher page rank than that of a site only registered in 2011. This would be despite any other factors such as keywords. (For more information on this, check out our SEO podcast). Therefore, over and above a strikingly efficient website design, you need to get your name out there!

So be sure to set up your domain and website as soon as possible to get your presence known, and to start generating new customers through effective website design and SEO.


Website Design for Bringing in New Customers

Our websites are specifically geared toward customer-generation. This means that we want your website to begin generating new business as soon as possible. A lot goes into this process, but with our guidance and assistance, getting your online identity established will be a breeze!

We also understand that you might be new to online marketing, advertising and website design so we will be ready to assist you in any aspect of your online identity.


Every Website Design Needs the Proper Tools

Monthly newsletters can keep clients informed of new products and services, or even special promotions and sales. Running a promotion becomes a dream when information about the promotion spreads through positive word-of-mouth. Correctly thought-out newsletters will reach more customers than what your subscription list contains; the numbers are sometimes even exponential!

Any social media element also becomes easily integrated into your website design, providing more ways to connect with your client in the method they prefer. When done correctly, incorporation of social media into your company can boost your company’s presence in the marketplace, and make it easy for your clients to share information about your company with their friends.


Priced Right – And Done Right

And of course, we realise that a penny saved is a penny earned. Which is why the pricing for our website designs are highly competitive and individually tailored according to your budget and design requirements.

Channeling the correct customers to the correct areas of your site is a crucial element of website design. When done correctly, this ensures that your website provides accurate, appropriate information to any market of client which browses the site, and this increases your customer contact rate and percentage of online sales.

For example: a client searching the internet for companies which supply electronic goods could be part of a wide demographic. However, by isolating certain keywords which a specific age group would type into a search engine, (Google, Yahoo or Ananzi , for example,) would enable you to then shape a certain landing page for that specific demographic.


Interested ?

We have tons of advice and strategies we’d love to discuss with you. Still unsure about certain aspects of website design?

Well then, head over to our blog where you can brush up on your internet terminology and find out more about websites in general.

Alternatively, contact us and we can discuss options for establishing or revamping your online identity.

Website Design for Online Stores

Every month, more and more companies are selling their products and services via their websites or online shopping portals.

Providing a means for your customers to buy items without leaving their home or office can be a positive change for your business. (And not a single person can tell you they don’t enjoy shopping in their slippers!)
With a website design that makes finding products a breeze for any potential customer, online sales will increase dramatically.

Offering customers additional products based on their selections will also fuel impulse purchases and might introduce items to your customer they wouldn’t have sought out by themselves.

With an online store, the options are endless, as well as the rewards!


Keep Track with added Functionality

Our online store’s have built in inventory management, sales reports and sophisticated order systems.

Whether you want to sell downloadable items such as music, physical products such as clothing or even services such as software development -we’ve got you covered.


All the Extras

Would you like to reward your customers with a coupon? What about a newsletter service to keep in touch with existing clients?

The possibilities are endless, and we’re here to assist and guide you in building an online store to wow your customers and keep those orders rolling in.

From Online Directories to Membership Portals

Our specialised designs provide the correct tools and functionality for any web project you can envisage. Whether you have an established customer base or are just starting out, we’ll assist in developing an online presence that meets your specifications and will enable you to realise your dream.

Along with accurate and finely tuned content, our specialised designs also include several website design tools to add functionality.


Added Functionality, Increased Efficiency

No matter the size or shape of your online project, Brilliant Creations can provide you both the design and functionality you require.

Not sure if this option is for you? Here are some ideas of specialised options we can (and have) offered our clients.

  • Monetised, content-driven websites
  • Membership portals with paid subscription services
  • Launch/landing pages for the launch of your new product/project
  • Online directory and classifieds websites
  • Job portals
  • Magazine style blog websites
  • Real estate listing companies

Have a project in mind with no idea of how to implement it? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be able to brainstorm effective and cost-effective methods for achieving your dreams.